Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From Not-So-Much, to Singing Its Praises

A long time ago my sister had splurge on a bottle of Josie Maran Argan Oil and didn't gel with it at all. She gave it to me to try since she hadn't had any success with it and didn't want it to go to waste. The multi-purpose product was quickly utilized on the ends of my long locks as I was instantly convinced it was too heavy to go on my face.

I used to be fearful of anything "oily" or heavy since I was convinced that my skin problems were from being too oily, or too much product. After some heavy research on why my skin was being so problematic I decided to try the one thing I had been avoiding like the plague and started using more intense moisturizers that even had some "oily" components to them.

The one that won out and took my skin from dull, breaking out, and looking cake-y when I was wearing foundation was the Josie Mara Argan Oil. It was a radical difference! Glow-y, dewy, and makeup covered so much more effectively once my skin was appropriately hydrated!

The other upside besides it being crazy effective? One bottle lasted so so so long! So long in fact that I forgot to chalk my newly revitalized skin up to the product and made the poor decision to go with some drug store moisturizes. Within a month my skin was back to its former embarrassing state and I was puzzled as to its downfall. After trying multiple budget friendly option, I picked up another bottle of the magical Argan oil, and voila! My face is slowly recovering.

Don't turn your back on the things that work for your skin because I am convinced they are hard to come by!

I haven't tried any of the other Josie Maran products, but if anyone has please let me know!

What other products do you swear by?

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