Monday, July 13, 2015

Letters to DC: Let's Just Keep you All in DC

Dear DC Woman Who Can't Order A Simple Coffee,

Congratulations. You sufficiently made a barista realize how rude and self important you are, and ALSO succeed in displaying to the very crowded Newark airport Starbucks store, that you are someone that we all hope misses her flight.

It is amazing to me that you think yelling is an appropriate version of communication. Also, bravo on having an insanely complicated Starbucks order, that actually isn't that complicated, but the way you say it, makes it complicated. Nice work. So by all means, considering you are the one who basically gave them the wrong order, please feel free to yell and slam your hand on the bar at the woman preparing your makes you OH so important and OH so special.

Yes, I did roll my eyes at you. But I figured it was fair game, since you clearly play by the rules that you are the only one who matters in this world, so I figured I'd play along.

Oh, also. That outfit makes you look like a stuffy government employee who is wasting tax payer dollars by being inefficient, so good work- you dress that part well I am sure.

Another bravo was on your amazing ability to look "busy". Having your earphones in like you would while you are on a call, but then showing the world you were really playing candy crush....*slow clap*.

Sadly, I was the poor soul who had to sit next to you on the flight. So I actually got to witness you "busy & important" self yell and the flight attendant as well. You were so spot on of being the DC jerk, that I almost laughed....until you dropped the f-bomb. Classssssy.

At least you were flying back to DC, perhaps you should just stay there. Be corralled by all the other similar people and please don't leave the area, so as to not infect the rest of the world with your abysmal behavior. K? Thanks!

Self Importantly Yours,


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