Wednesday, July 29, 2015

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

♥ I had no idea Hanes made such cute, simple clothing! Considering I favor solid colored cotton clothing as a work-from-home employee, I could totally get on board. They had an amazing hoodie that I wanted, but sadly it is gone- those dresses/tunics look awfully cozy though!

♥ I discovered Matthew Parker's work at the Del Ray art festival last summer and then went to purchase a Caps print for N. I love his work and would love to own more of his amazing pieces!

♥ Stamps are some of my favorite craft supplies to hoard. A few favorites right now are this versatile one, this cute one, and this scenery one.

♥ If I had a little one right now, these prints would be so adorable for a nursery. 

♥ There are some issues training the pup to stay off the couch. I wonder if this product works?

♥ Still so excited to have this back in my life. 

♥ My type of meditation. 

♥ IKEA is always been a favorite. I love that store. Once they released their paper product line here in the US, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Their latest items are making me want to go jump in the car right now. I want it. All. All. Of. It.

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