Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The World Must Be Upside Down: DC Weather Edition

Seriously. The world must be upside down. Or pigs are flying. Or global warming is wonky.

Regardless, this summer weather makes. Absolutely. No. Sense.

I've been in DC 8 years (uggghhh. Shoot me now.) and I've NEVER had an enjoyable summer here. Let's me be clear...I've never had a truly enjoyable ANY season here, but summer is the worst! And last summer when I was on my DC Sabbatical I only heard about "How amazing the weather was in DC!" and I rolled my eyes, laughed, and said under my breath "Lies! All Lies!". But here I am...admitting that maybe just maybe, it wasn't that bad and this summer has been...dare I say almost pleasant.

Proof is in the pudding:

mmmmm pudding. But seriously, what is this craziness? It is usually so hot in July my shins are sweating and I refuse to go anywhere. I won't complain. I'll try to somewhat enjoy it I don't really enjoy anything in DC, but I'll pretend. For my final months in DC...I guess I'll take it. Personally, I think DC is trying to play nice so I don't leave, but I hate to tell it that my mind is already made up and set in stone. But A for effort DC. A for effort.

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