Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Getting back to Getting Crafty

I've been in a creative wasteland for...weeks...Months....YEARS! Ok.ok.ok. not years, but it feels like it. When you hate where you live, you tend to not do a lot of things. Which is funny...when I first moved to DC (and hated it even then!) I threw myself into crafts, blogging, cooking, baking, sewing, etc.. Just about anything to distract me from the fact that I hated my surroundings and the decision I had made to move across the country. forward six miserable DC I've just resorted to glasses of wine, TiVo and a puppy to distract myself from the awful aspects of my geographical location.

But, the streak had to break. I've been feeling off. Robbing a part of myself that is natural...and just me. So I conned a friend into going to a paint-your-own-pottery studio this weekend. Naturally, I picked the day where there were flash flood warnings and there was so much water pouring from the sky, it was virtually impossible to stay dry. Nonetheless, we had an amazing time and created some wonderful pieces.

I used to do this all the time growing up for birthday parties and "mommy and me time" back in the day, but I'd forgotten how relaxing and therapeutic it was to just paint, overthink colors and develop a crick in your neck from crouching over your masterpiece. It was lovely. It made me feel better. It made me realize how tired I am of sacrificing myself for some awful place. (If you haven't picked up on days are number here in DC).

We spent the afternoon at Paint This! in Old Town; and it was perfect. It was cute, stocked with so many options of pottery pieces and colors I could have stayed for days. The prices were entire afternoon of entertainment...less than $30!

We created some pretty amazing masterpieces if I do say so myself!

I was inspired by this and this for my bowls.

Ashley painstakingly did every single one of those polka dots on hers!

I'll definitely be back for some more craft therapy!

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