Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Saturday in Boise Dreamin'

The weather has been so nice here in DC ("so nice" being a relative term- but seriously; it is eerily nice this summer!) and there are moments where I even forget I am in this condemned city. Sometimes I even get whiffs (yes, actual smells) that smell just like Idahome and I my brain instantly goes into overdrive planning a day that I quickly realize I can't actually have because I am thousands of shitty miles away from everything good and lovely. But IF I were able to have that lovely day that is in my head, it'd go a something bit like this:

I'd wake up in my lovely little bungalow home, where I could pad to my kitchen and start working on coffee and making some crepes. Meanwhile; I'd let Stanley out in the backyard where he would go like under his favorite big tree and enjoy the fresh air. After breakfast and a shower; we'd head down to the Roosevelt Market; just a short walk away, maybe pick up a smoothie, or additional cup of coffee.

We'd then load up into our bright red Subaru and head to Boise Farmers Market to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies, homemade pasta, and wine from the local vineyards.

After dropping the food goods at home, Stanley would request a walk down the Boise River, so we would go meander for a few miles to get his energy out. Once he was good and tired; he would go home for a nice long nap and I would meet up with some friends for drinks and dinner at this wonderful establishment for some of my favorite beer.

All I can say is...sign. me. up.

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