Thursday, July 23, 2015

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

♥ "If you’re waiting for the right day, the right time, the right amount of money, the right age of your children to be, the right momentit will never come. You are going to have to do it knowing you can’t go back. Trust."

♥ We all know I think my state is the most beautiful. But I won't be above it and will fully admit that New Mexico is also pretty freaking beautiful

♥ My dream would be to have a space like this where I could create beautiful things and do something creative with myself. 

♥ An easy, beautiful project that I can wait to try on another weekend when it is too hot to do anything but stay in the apartment. 

♥ Sparkles. Unconventional wedding ring that could be a great option for the person who doesn't love a bit stone. 

How common is your birthday?

♥ I want to have an excuse to make a fancy dessert where I can add some of these. 

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