Friday, July 31, 2015


I have a problem. I buy craft materials. Lots of them.

I have grand plans. I have good intentions. I have pins of inspiration. I start the project. I work on the project.

And then I don't finish the project.

SERIOUSLY. I have a problem. So. Many. Partially. Finished. Projects.

Just to illustrate my problem I thought it would be a great use of my "Five on Friday" for Oh Hey Friday post to illustrate five of my many many incomplete projects I have floating around.

1) Tassel Garland

image via 

Inspiration: Cupcakes and Cashmere 
Year Project Started: 2013
Supplies bought: Fancy cord. Glue sticks, tissue paper in many many colors
Status: I made a total of three tassels, burned my fingers multiple times on the glue gun and have since used the tissue paper for gift wrap
Want to try it yourself?: Instructions here

2) Deer Paint By Number 
Inspiration: Hey Natalie Jean
Year Project Started: 2014
Status: I've painted approximately a leg of that front deer, but the kit is complicated and makes you mix you own paint to get different shade variations. I clearly need to get an easier kit.
Want to try it yourself?: Save yourself some paint, get an easier kit

3) Orchid Cross Stitch

Inspiration: My grandma. She taught me how to cross stitch and I used to do little tiny projects
Year Project Started: 2007
Supplies Bought: Cross stitch product 
Status: Slowlllllly making progress and not giving up!
Want to try it yourself?: It is therapeutic. Great activity to do when watching TV, I say take it on. You can also self teach yourself this pretty easily.

4) Modern Friendship Bracelets

image via

Inspiration: Pinterest
Year Project Started: Does buying the supplies count?
Supplies bought: Embroidery thread, beads
Status: Haven't even attempted one.
Want to try it yourself?: Sure, and can I buy one when you complete one?

5) Glass Etched Plates 

image via

Inspiration: Martha Stewart
Year Project Started: Again, bought supplies, never started
Supplies Bought: Glass Plates, Etching Cream, brushes
Status: I had very good intentions of making my Idaho friends plates with their initial on them with homemade cookies for Christmas. Didn't happen.
Want to try it yourself: I think the only thing that concerned me was having a place where the etching cream wouldn't ruin any fixtures or things like that

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