Monday, February 15, 2010

Bachelor Update

I polished off my glorious day of doing absolutely-fabulously-nothing (sometimes I just need days where I don't get dressed, or leave the apartment and just watch TV and cat nap) with watching the Bachelor. Now I was very disappointed that Ally left for job (seriously traded true love for a JOB! I don't really feel bad for her after seeing what a stupid mistake she made!) but I am very relieved that Tenly is still going strong with Jake. Lord knows how, but Vienna is still around...she 1) looks like she is 13, 2) is SO fake 3) needs better hair. But I didn't want to really give a full on synopsis of the episode but rather discuss the notion of these women linking "Love" with marriage. Every season they all get so uptight that saying "I Love You" means they are ready for marriage and essentially merge the two concepts so that love=marriage. Maybe I am wrong here, but I am almost certain you can love someone and be no where near a point where marriage is a good idea or in the foreseeable future. I just wish they wouldn't be so caught up in the fact that they are in love with Jake. (I mean can we really think that people fall in love on a TV show...I mean maybe but that isn't the point) the point is...if you love the guy...say it! Sigh...maybe this is just post-valentines day mullings, but message to the women on the Bachelor...SEPARATE THE IDEAS!!

nightly ramblings....enjoy.

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