Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

Monday night I made this:

Photo courtesy: MarthaStewart.com

Minus the tomatoes (substitute green beans with garlic). Yes that is right, skirt team in a Balsamic dressing with poltena. I must say my polenta turned out great and the steak...so good!

I found the recipe courtesy of Martha and if you are craving a good red meat dish (I was needing some iron apparently) this is fairly easy and seems kind of hard to really mess up. The only this is when you are reducing your balsamic...brace yourself. The smell is a bit overwhelming, but hang in there because once reduced...it is a savory sauce!

There was also some of this:

photo courtesy of epsion

And then there was this for dessert
Photo courtesy the Daily Scoop

It was quite the meal and makes me wish I could cook more. I think I am intimidated by cooking things that are 1)not baked goods 2) out of a box 3) in my freezer. But honestly usually when I do attempt some sort of cooking effort, this usually go pretty well. Now I just need a bit bigger kitchen. *Le sigh* the day when I own my own place will be so awesome...if even just for the bathroom and kitchen (two of the most important features in a house for me).

I am thinking there will need to be some of these made at some point...maybe if someone throws and opening day party again for the Nats I will bring some of these along:

Photo courtesy of MarthStewart.com

I love soft pretzels so i am sure I would devour these!

Also has anyone made Marshmallows before? This is high on my priority list to make before spring (they seem like a winter thing to make) but some good hot cocoa and some homemade marshmallows just seem like a luxury I would enjoy.

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