Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Medals

On Friday I had people over to my apartment to watch the opening ceremonies. (It was the first time I had had a group of people over to my new apartment). It was one of the most memorable opening ceremonies I have ever experienced. Total I had 7 people come which was about as much as my apartment could hold and I served up some home made chili, cornbread, chips and dip, artichoke spinach dip, brie and bread, home made ranch dip and veggie platter and Olympic ring cupcakes. I was pretty proud, as I didn't get stressed out, ruin anything, spill (except wine of myself), or burn anything. I actually had a wonderful evening and am so blessed to have such a great set of friends that make me laugh!

Brooke and I wore our metalic skirts in honor of "Going for Gold"

In short it was a very politically incorrect opening ceremonies viewing party but so much fun! I must say I am loving the Canada mittens with the maple leaf on them. I want my own pair in brown with the state of Idaho on them! I am very "Smitten with the Mittens"

photo courtesy of: Kurrs

I also got kind of curious about past Olympic medal designs. I must say the winter Olympic medals are SO much cooler. This website shows images of all the medals from Olympics past. I really like the Torino and Sapporo medals.

Vancouver's are really cool with the wave in the metal, but the print design on the front isn't my favorite.

The designs are definitely improving over time. I mean I guess I wouldn't complain if I had ANY Olympic medal, so I should be too critical. But my vote is in and so far Torino has my vote!


  1. Dude we totally matched. Awesome party hostess! Better be careful or you'll be getting more and more requests for parties! Great times :)

  2. mmm i actually really like their medals this year. the print on every medal is different. that way everyone's is individually special!