Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I got nuthin'

I am rather uninspired right now but feel like I need to post.

  • Bode Sucked. (sorry Bode....I still LOVE you)

  • Figure Skating tonight...Olympic highlight

  • The Bachelor finale is this coming Monday. I am anxious. If Jake picks Vienna...I am becoming a nun.

  • I went to a networking event last night. Surprisingly AWESOME.

  • Trader Joe's Mac n' Cheese= Bachelorette Status is now at an all time high

  • Three loads of laundry the other night and I STILL have more to go. I am going to go bankrupt just paying to wash my clothes! $3 a load to wash and dry makes me want to do it up college frat guy style and see how many times I can wear one sweatshirt. Not really. But seriously city living really sucks sometimes.

  • Outfit yesterday=magic. Multiple compliments and date offers. Fab-U-lous.

  • Is it normal to be resentful towards your Blackberry when you want an iPhone, but feel guilty that you want something so frbolous? Like seriously do need to cart the internet around and be disconnected from mankind 24/7? Absolutely. Screw you society for making me feel inferior about my BB (angry fist shake). Pathetic.

  • Lindsey Vonn? Men? Really? She is just not-that-hot. Get over the cheek bones, smile, and atheltisism already. Am I proud she won gold? Yes. Do you need to wear a swim suit? No! You are a ski racer! And Lindsey, be a good friend and steal Mancuso's tiara. I understand the rivalary of wanting to be the best, but letting a teammate walk around wearing her junior high homecoming tiara that she probably didn't win, but bought to wear to homecoming anyways to make her feel pretty is just mean. She will thank you later in life Lindsey. Trust me on this one.

Alright and one more gem for you. (Compliments of a guest contributor! Welcome CWF (Coworkerfriend) Sam)

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  1. Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very well written!