Monday, February 8, 2010

Miss Mary Jane

While purusing the Idahostatesman staying current on my Idaho news I came across some columns from Miss Mary Jane. A few in particular I really enjoyed. One being: Things to Think About when Considering a New Man in Your Life. (Yes naturally this would catch my eye). This is what MMJ says (with some of my comments):

No Thank You:
• Men who weigh less than you or who have smaller feet

I like to be the cute little one...I will have no problem following this.
• Men who can’t dance (can be overlooked if they at least hold you close and sway to the music)

I don't care if they can dance, but I care if they refuse to dance.
• Men with a sense of entitlement

So like every guy in DC is ruled out by this one. Awesome.
• Philanderers who make no attempt to hide their infidelity .

Enough said.
• Pretentious playboys

Again, enough said.
• Men who take longer getting ready to go out than you do

Looking nice is one thing but if you are taking longer than me, it better because you are proposing that night.
Yes Please:
• Men with keen minds (who aren’t intimidated by yours)

Definetly a yes, but also in the No category are men who think where they went to school and what they studied is all that matters in life. I am all about life experience.
• Men with a fabulous sense of humor (and not at the expense of others)

Can't be without this. Especially since to get to my serious side you have to laugh me there.
• Enthusiastic flatterers

I have a hard time accepting a compliment but I always like to hear them!
• Men who know how to wield a soup spoon (scoop outward)

Basically have some manners, open doors, get the car door for me, clean up your dishes, say Thank You, carry a girls bag, help a girl with her coat, and never give orders.
• Men who like your children

Let's substitute Poodle for Children. If the dog doesn't like you (or the nephew) you are out.
• Men who know quality (i.e., you) when they see it.

The guy who figures this out will be handsomly rewarded.

This is another one of her writings that I enjoyed reading.


  1. for the first one i would rather say "taller" instead of "weighs less"....cause i mean, you could have a guy who weighs more than you and be shorter. i don't think that would work. hahaha!