Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

The world gets so quiet when it snows. I have the lights off in my room a few candle flickering, good music and am cuddled with the bears. The view out my window is stunningly beautiful. Snow makes me so happy and nostalgic all at the same time. There might not be any way to describe it, but being out in the middle of Idaho and having the snow drift down around you, with big lumbering pine trees catching flakes, I swear you can hear the heart beat of the person standing next to you. I really don't think there is anyway to describe how beautiful unless you were there, but it is peaceful (hence why I am trying to create my 'zen' like room tonight!) . I am really praying for a snow day tomorrow. I haven't been in DC when it has dumped snow yet, so I am hoping I will go to sleep, wake up tomorrow, frost on my windows and inches and inches of snow!

I am exhausted so I am signing off and headed to bed. Night all!


  1. Random read:
    I'm glad you enjoy the snow. I don't mind the snow, after 4ft in three days with no chance of melting until April, it doesn't matter anymore. It is the negative 30 degrees that bothers me.

    May I trade you homes? You can have all of the North Dakota snow you want!

  2. You sound just like my sister. She actually is in DC as well. You're blog is great :)