Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010 Weekend

Snowpocalypse was/is amazing! The streets are covered, you have to wade through the snow to get to the street to walk places, people are cross country skiing in the streets, and wearing ridiculous and "excessive" outfits to battle the elements.

On Friday I left the office a bit early to head to the store where I was able to secure enough snow so that if in fact we did all "die" from the snow, I would have something to feed myself with. The line at the grocery store to check out extended all the way down the isles to the back of the store and took about an hour to get through. It just started sticking when I left the grocery store so I was glad to be hunkering into my apartment for the evening. I finished up some work for the weekend and then was invited to partake in a delish meal that my RM prepared. Lamb. Yum. Potatoes. Double Yum. Spinach. Delish. Cheese and honey dipping sauce. Devine. We had a great evening sharing a bottle of wine, dinner and then celebrating world Nutella day by eating some slices of bread lathered in Nutella.

Saturday I woke up to the blanket of snow and an amazing display of snow on our clothes line that is outside my bedroom window. I met some friend for Brunch/Lunch and then spent the afternoon lounging, having a beer and staying warm. Did some baking last night and then snuggled in for a blissful sleep!

Today I have finished watching the entire 1st and only season of cashmere mafia (another SATC knock off that never did very well) and am preparing to make some valentines, and watch me some football! I have a feeling I will have to go into work tomorrow so it will probably be a pretty tame SB for me (Sadly no sunglasses, inappropriate displays of double fisting arbor mist, and then showing true Presidential Greatness). But let's keep our fingers crossed that somehow the roads will get even worse and my office will be closed (I am in desperate need of a mental health day).

Hope all who are in DC that you are snuggled in a cozy warm and everyone else I hope you enjoy a fabulous SuperBowl Sunday!


  1. Those were great snow pics.
    I'm here in Massachusetts and we always get a lot of snow! Thankfully, this storm missed us and we only got a little dusting.

  2. my god you missed a good superbowl were needed.