Monday, February 8, 2010

I am, I was, I want to be

So I found my pi drop necklace 3 years later tonight!! I am honestly so happy and relieved. It represents something pretty big in my life and I was broken hearted when I "lost" it. Tonight it randomly showed up and it also spurred me to write a post off the "fireside" game we used to do as a quick sisterhood during Spirit Week. I am sure many of you remember the "I am, I was, I want to be..." game. Here it is tonight and I expect to hear your answers!!!

I am... thinking about the ones I love and have the lyrics "How Beautiful My Life Has Been" rolling through my head.

I was...very upset I had to go to work today when 99% of the population in DC got to have a day to enjoy the snow!

I want to the short-term, enthusiastic about having to work again tomorrow and in the long-term a better communicator!

Alright people...time for some warm "fireside" from a distance warm fuzzies! Don't make me play the "tap someone you think has a beautiful smile game"



  1. Love the post! I'll have to do the same when I get back!

  2. ok, going to write mine now.
    this is kind of hard. haha

  3. I am proud of my organizing and preparation for my out of town jobs.

    I was super overwhelmed with work and life but have found some clarity.

    I want to be open to trying new things and finding my true passions.