Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gimmie Gimmie

Miss. B Smith over at MansionMogul sent me a link for this FAB-U-LOUS necklace made by truche:

I can't say how much I love love love love love love love love love this necklace! Truche will place the heart over whatever city you want too which makes it even more special!

Truche has a great store on etsy and I suggest you go check out her other states that she makes (if I had the money I would order one of Washington and Idaho!) and she also will do anything on request if she hasn't already made it! Her non-state/country pieces are beautiful as well and would make great gifts for friends and family!

As for me I am putting this gem (nice Idaho pun huh?) on my wishlist and am going to start thinking of an occasion that I can treat myself to it! Nothing like being able to wear something to show where my heart is!!

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  1. oh that's adorable! not going to lie, i really like "meet norm" from that website: