Monday, February 22, 2010

Memory Monday- Pilot

I have been thinking about how I have all these great photos from college and I haven't done anything with them (beside look through them and end up crying from laughing so hard). But I have some fabulous memories from college and my time in the sorority. I also just have some memories that make me smile (not document with photos) but figure I should maybe attempt to document them so when I am old, I'll have them written down somewhere. So here is the pilot for Memory Monday.

The House (sorority) emptied out most weekends since the majority of the girls were from the Seattle area and would spend the weekends at home sleeping in their plush beds and eating home-cooked meals. One weekend it was particularly empty which always presented to result in incredibly boring weekends. But there were like three of us in the house: Myself, Stephanie and Shelly. Somehow we got this great idea to go to Gameworks downtown Seattle and get drinks (nothing better than an arcade that has a bar in it) and play skeeball (one of my all time favorite games- probably like it more the BBHP). A few cocktails later the three of us are bouncing the wooden balls off the cage and generally making a scene. We had a bit of technical difficulty with one of our machines we were playing on and had to get help from one of the guys working the counter where you could turn in your tickets for prizes. What resulted is we flirted our way to like 5 free games which was pretty awesome. The three of us won a ton of tickets (because we pretty much rock at skee ball) and we ended up trading our tickets in for princess wands and these GIANT pens. At chapter the following Monday (I was chapter president at this point) the three of us used our giant pens to take notes during the meeting. I am also pretty sure I took my wand along maintain order in the room when my gavel didn't do the job.

Well needless to say my affection for skee ball never really died (and still lives on...if anyone ever wants to go play!). But for a beach weekend at Carly's beach house we got to play some skee ball at the arcade in Long Beach. Naturally we all won some amazing prizes. I took home a glittered flower hair scrunchy. But Stephanie took home the best of all: a flute/recorder-esque musical instrument. Many a dances were choreographed to Stephanie's masterful musical talents and I think we were all a bit disappointed when she didn't perform her song for Phil at their wedding (it was quite the gem).

Does anyone else remember any details from skee ball (gameworks and long beach?) all I remember is laughing until my sides hurt both times!

Rocking skee ball at Long Beach
Stephanie starting to perfect her love ballad for Phil.

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